Duct Board Supply Plenum 4′ Long, R4 1″, R6 1.5″, R8 2″


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Some assembly required
Please Note: Custom duct cuts are accurate plus or minus 1/4 inch from desired inside dimensions.

Description Duct board 4 Feet Long Custom Sized
Johns Manville, Knauf,Owens Corning, or equivalent Air Duct Board-AGM is a resin-bonded fiber glass formed into rigid, rectangular boards faced on one side with a fire-resistant foil-scrim-kraft (FSK) vapor retarder and a lightweight fiber glass mat on the airstream surface. Available in EI-475 or EI-800, with a butt edge or a factory-molded shiplap edge, it offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance. The air-stream surface of Mat-Faced Micro-Aire duct board is treated with an antimicrobial agent specifically registered with the EPA for HVAC applications to resist potential growth of fungus or bacteria on the airstream surface. Mat-Faced Micro-Aire duct board passes UL 181 mold growth resistance testing. Tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM C1338 and ASTM G21 (fungi testing) and ASTM G22 (bacteria resistance testing).


  • Low thermal conductivity of 0.23 at 75°F (24°C) mean temperature.
  • Low installed cost, insulated duct system.
  • Excellent acoustical characteristics.
  • Non-woven all-glass mat facing on the airstream surface.
  • Assured insulation thickness, shiplap joints, and FSK vapor retarder.
  • If necessary, can be cleaned in accordance with NAIMA’s “Cleaning Fibrous Glass Insulated Air Duct Systems Recommended Practices.”
  • Knauf Air Duct Board systems meet the fire and smoke safety regulations of most federal, state, and local building codes.


  • Fabrication in shop environment lowers field installation time.
  • One craft required to fabricate and install system.
  • Minimum capital investment for fabrication equipment.
  • Portability allows for assembly or fabrication at job site.
  • AGM facing ensures a smoother airstream surface for a cleaner cut and added durability.
  • Lower installation cost than with duct wrap and duct liner.
  • Quiet, efficient air delivery.
  • Reduces noise generated by air turbulence and mechanical equipment.
  • Eliminates “booming” and “cracking” sounds caused by sheet metal duct contraction and expansion.
  • Condensation control.
  • Strong thermal performance.
  • Code compliance.

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