LG Horizontal Ducted Quad Zone Heat Pump 9+9+9+9


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Overview for LG LMU36CHV 4-LDN097HV4LG Horizontal Ducted Air Conditioning Systems offer convenient solutions that are cost-effective. These innovative systems are split into two efficient units. The Multi F ducted indoor unit for ceiling-concealed installation. The larger, Flex Multi-Split systems operate two, three or four interior units that are mounted in separate rooms. Each indoor unit comes with its own remote control, allowing the customer to set the temperature individually in different rooms. These units are connected to a single exterior unit. The interior units are available in a variety of styles, including Art Cool, Standard, Ceiling Cassette, and Ceiling Concealed Duct models. Dual-,Tri- and Quad-Zone are Heat Pump systems.

Wall Mount is included. See accessories for specialized mounting brackets.

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