For those not keeping track at home, the play clock is running out on Klein Tools’ 2018 Electrician of the Year search. (Nominations close TODAY, July 27!) There’s still enough time to join the fun. See how the competition stacks up below, browse these tips for writing a great nomination and visit to nominate yourself or another professional electrician – today!

Each nomination has an extraordinary story to tell – a story of hard work, passion and commitment. But we’ve noticed that the MVPs of electricians emphasize a dedication to quality, safety and integrity while addressing the following three criteria.

  1. Professional Achievement

These tradespeople don’t just take pride in their work, they take pride in their company, contractors, their brothers and sisters in the field and even the tools they use. Day in and day out, they get the job done right, paying close attention to the smallest details and minimizing errors across all tasks.

The future depends on the next generation of skilled professionals, and nominees also take pride in ensuring that they pass down the expertise and knowledge needed to be successful in the field. Teaching and learning go hand in hand, which is why these electricians never miss out on an opportunity to pick up a new skill or technique along the way.

  1. Safety Excellence

Can you guess what the following numbers have in common? Three years, nine years, and 20 years – that’s how long some nominees have worked without an incident. Some have gone their whole careers without one! Taking shortcuts have never been an option with safety as a top priority.

In fact, many nominees go above and beyond just meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards by advocating for jobsite safety and serving on advisory committees. When putting their lives on the line, they do everything possible to make sure everyone can return home to their families after a long day. Recommendations spread from person to person because no matter the task, these tradespeople can be trusted to get the job done right.

  1. Community Dedication

Crewmembers become family, which means nominees are dedicated to supporting their coworkers through any means possible. Overtime is abundant, but still, nominees for Klein’s Electrician of the Year find time to give back to their communities. Dedication varies from cleaning up community spaces, volunteering electrical work in churches and schools, expanding student educational and athletic opportunities, honoring veterans and so much more.

While we’ve already received hundreds of outstanding nominations, you don’t want to miss out on this chance to win exclusive Klein Tools prizes and a trip to the Big Game 2019. What are you waiting for? Nominations close Friday, July 27th at 11:59 p.m. Central. For more contest details and to submit a nomination, visit

Do you want to have a say on who becomes Klein’s next Electrician of the Year? Remember to stay tuned Sept. 3-7 to help choose the 2018 Electrician of the Year with a fan vote.*

*A Klein Tools selection team, consisting of five Klein family members, will use the fan vote as one of four selection criteria to choose the winner.

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